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[Translate to English:] Zuinige schroefvacuümpompen voor duurzame waterzuivering

[Translate to English:] In 2014 heeft Vitens in samenwerking met Busch B.V. een nieuwe installatie bij het drinkwaterproductiebedrijf Spannenburg in bedrijf genomen. Met deze installatie wordt vrijkomend methaan opgevangen om dit vervolgens om te zetten in stroom.



Bij de zuivering van het opgepompte grondwater op Spannenburg komt methaan vrij. Dit komt sterk verdund met lucht in de atmosfeer terecht. Methaan is een gas met een sterk broeikaseffect. Om de waterzuiveringsprocessen duurzamer te maken en dus de uitstoot van methaan fors terug te dringen, wordt gebruikgemaakt van vacuümontgassing. lees meer

COBRA droge schroefvacuümpompen van Busch voor de afvoer van het methaangas richting de opslag.

A review of Industrial Processing 2014

The Industrial Processing exhibition was a succes for Busch.

We welcomed many (potential) customers from various industries to our stand, due to the fact that the exhibition was combined with other trade fairs; Macropak, Industrial European Dairy Show and World of Technology & Science.


During this exhibition we introduced a new series of Mink vacuum pumps. These quiet and low-maintenance dry running vacuum pumps are ideal for numerous applications such as pneumatic conveying, extruder degassing, hospitals and others.


Should you not have had the opportunity to visit us during this exhibition, we can always visit you and give the best advice free of charge.


October 2014






Aroma-preserving and cost-effective vacuum packaging

The Mondelez coffee production plant in Berlin, which produces around 100,000 tonnes of coffee, is one of the world's largest coffee roasters. At the end of the production process, the numerous Mondelez coffee brands are vacuum packed. This type of packaging guarantees a shelf life of one and a half years without any loss of aroma. The vacuum supply to all packaging lines is performed centrally using a Busch vacuum system.

Read more


June 2014



Bronze medal for Busch hockey sticks

With the end of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi we at Busch in Maulburg are also drawing a balance. In addition to vacuum pumps and systems, we produce ice hockey sticks in one of our Swiss plants. Those ice hockey sticks were used by players of different nations during the Olympic Winter Games. Five players of the Swiss national women's ice hockey team played with Busch ice hockey sticks winning the bronze medal.


For more than 20 years we have been producing ice hockey sticks at our Composites Busch plant in Switzerland. Those ice hockey sticks consist of carbon compound material, which can be used by professional ice hockey players but also by amateurs.


Back in the 1990s we developed a technology that made it possible to produce a "Monoblock-Stick" i.e. an ice hockey stick produced out of one piece.


Since 1992 many players of all professional leagues have been playing with this patented stick, because they have enormous advantages over wooden sticks or sticks produced out of several pieces of synthetic material. On one hand they are extremely light, on the other hand their flexibility can be adapted to the individual needs of a player by choosing the right materials. Also, every player can determine the form of the stick's blade as well as its hardness. Therefore every ice hockey player receives his or her individual "custom-made stick" by Busch.


In the Swiss national women's team, the ice hockey stars Sarah Forster and sisters Laura and Sara Benz played with Busch ice hockey sticks during the small final. The team played against Sweden and won the bronze medal with 4:3. In the meantime, we have started preparations for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2014. This will take place in May in Belarus.


March 2014



Pumps & Valves 2013

Busch B.V. was present at the Pumps & Valves 2013 in Ahoy Rotterdam on the  2nd and 3rd of October. This industrial exhibition has a focus on everything to do with pumps and valves and is organized one year in Belgium and the following year in the Netherlands.


During this exhibition Busch B.V. had a lot of very interesting discussions with both existing and potential customers.


If you missed us, please visit us in 2014 at the Pumps & Valves in Antwerp or during the Industrial Processing exhibition in Utrecht.


October 2013


50 years Busch

In 1963 Dr. Ing. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan Busch started the company Busch GmbH. From his home in the south German Schopfheim the first vacuum pump was designed, built and tested. Now 50 years later, Busch has more than 2,500 employees spread over approx. 60 locations around the world and is still a family business. An achievement to be proud of!


Busch has developed into one of the largest suppliers of vacuum solutions

worldwide. The client focused approach has resulted in Busch designing specific vacuum pumps for many markets (packaging, chemical/pharmaceutical, medical, oil & gas etc.). A direct result of the innovative, entrepreneurial nature of the Busch culture.


October 2013

Co-workers of Busch B.V, Busch N.V. and Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Group

Busch vacuum pumps at "World Solar Challenge" in Australia

Solar Car - R5 oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump.

The "World Solar Challenge" is a 3.000 km race in Australia in which only solar operated vehicles are allowed to participate. One of the 38 participating teams was the Umicore Solar Team from Belgium. The team members are 14 former students of the International University College in Leuven/Belgium.

In order to be able to repair carbon fibre damages during the race, the team took a R 5 rotary vane vacuum pump with them.

With this vacuum pump the team was able to laminate and harden car body panels under vacuum after a crash.

R 5 vacuum pumps are worldwide the standard vacuum pumps in composites material processing.


November 2009


Innovation awards for Busch

Innovatieprijs voor Busch - R5 oliegesmeerde draaischuif vacuümpomp.

Busch received two international innovation awards this October: first, the "JEC Asia Award" in Singapore. This award appreciates the innovative activity of Busch in the nano technology and the development of composites materials. Just last week Busch received the "AVK Innovation Award" in Stuttgart for the same development.


Busch has not only been active in the plastics industry this fall. Busch also presented its vacuum pumps and systems at nine different trade shows in the following countries; Germany, USA, Poland, the Netherlands, China and Singapore.

The innovations in the nano technology segment were developed by our Swiss facility in collaboration with Huntsman. Huntsman is the leading manufacturer of resin systems based in Basle.  

The new technology was used for creating a new generation of hockey sticks. At first sight, hockey sticks do not have much in common with vacuum pumps. However, the results of the research will be integrated into the development of new products in vacuum technology.

In Porrentruy, Switzerland Busch produces hockey sticks out of carbon and fiberglass. These are formed and afterwards resin, which was developed with nano technology, is injected.

Worldwide this is the first hockey stick which consists only of one piece. This production method also has the advantage that the hockey stick can be adapted to the individual needs of a hockey player. Therefore many international top hockey players use the Busch hockey stick in which they have influence on the characteristics such as flexibility and the geometric form of the stick.

Busch vacuum technique is used in other applications of plastics processing. This was demonstrated at the plastics trade show Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, which also took place in October. At the exhibition Busch displayed vacuum systems, which are used for material loading at plastics processing machines.


November 2009





The wind blows on the coast, the vacuum comes from Maulburg

Rotor blades fabricated with the R5 oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump.

Last year, Busch supplied a large number of vacuum systems for production of wind turbines worldwide. The call for environmentally-friendly energy production is becoming louder, and this in turn means that there are more and more wind energy farms everywhere. Above all, so-called offshore wind farms, with increasingly large turbine installations, are currently being built off sea coasts.


Manufacture of rotor blades requires vacuum pumps produced by Busch, based in Maulburg, Germany. The rotor blades for wind turbines are made of plastic. This plastic flows into the mould in liquid form under vacuum and then cures. The rotor blades, measuring up to 60 metres in length, require correspondingly dimensioned vacuum plants. Busch produces these plants individually and according to customer requirements. In recent years, a number of firms have been established on the German North Sea and Baltic coasts that specialise in production of such offshore wind turbines. They all trust in the reliability of vacuum technology from Maulburg. The failure of a vacuum plant during the curing process, which lasts several hours, can cause a loss of several hundred thousand euros. The reason why all these companies have been established directly on the coast is obvious: due to their size, the up to 60 m long rotor blades cannot be transported on roads. They must be loaded from the production hall directly onto ships that bring them to the offshore wind farms. The plants are assembled directly on-site. Once the plants are assembled in the water, they have a height of up to 180 metres above the water level. Busch mainly delivers vacuum plants for these applications to Northern Europe, India, the Far East and North America. Busch engineers in the respective countries consult customers on site and provide technical support for the plants, and at the same time stay in close contact with the specialists in Maulburg.


February 2009


Dolphin is "Best product 2008"

Dolphin - liquidring vacuum pump by Busch.


The professional journal Process has elected the liquid ring vacuum pump Dolphin to the "Best Product 2008". Reason for this award was the press release about both Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pump versions which was already published in May. This release received great feedback and that is the reason why it has now been published in the special edition "Best products 2008" again. Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are available in different sizes and versions. They are mainly used in oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical operations and plastics industry.



December, 2008




"iF product design award 2008" goes to Busch

Ontwerpprijs R5 oliegesmeerde draaischuif vacuümpomp.

R 5 0160 E

Design prize for new vacuum pump


Maulburg. At the end of the year it was official: The Maulburg-based vacuum pump manufacturer Busch was awarded the international design prize "iF design award 2008" for a newly developed vacuum pump. This prize is awarded annually by an expert jury for new products that stand out on account of their excellent product design. The jury not only evaluates "beauty", but a degree of innovation, choice of material and processing as well. Further aspects of evaluation include environmental compatibility, functionality, ergonomics and safety. The prize will officially be awarded on the opening day of the computer fair CeBit in Hanover in March.


Busch's new vacuum pump was developed for the packaging industry.  Developers and design engineers used a completely new approach. Their main priority was to create a powerful machine that is extremely easy to maintain and requires minimum space thanks to its compact dimensions. That they had managed to achieve this aim was proven in May 2007, when the vacuum pump was presented at an international fair for the first time in Frankfurt. In the meantime, the machine has been presented at trade fairs all over the world and has been met with great approval by trade visitors.

The special feature of this vacuum pump is that it meets the strict specifications of hygiene requirements in the food industry. It is the only vacuum pump in the world to meet these standards.

The "iF design award" has been a global, recognised trademark for excellent design for 54 years. The iF brand has long been established as a symbol for excellent design performances and now operates from Hanover, Munich and Taipei. 2771 products from 35 countries entered the competition. Of these, a total of 821 were awarded the coveted design prize. Most products are for private use, however. For example, consumer electronics, computer and mobile phones received awards, as well as furniture and household goods. The prize-winning vacuum pump will be on display at the "iF exhibition" on the Hanover Fair site for six months from March 2008. It will be on display during the major CeBit and Hanover Fairs.

For the Busch Group, this new product will further secure a successful future, remaining true to the ethos of the company's founder, Dr. Karl Busch, of always being better than the rest.



Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Uli Merkle • Marketing/Marketing Services

January 22, 2008






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