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When arranging production units your basis is a well-considered design. A design in which production quality, consistency and efficiency are guaranteed. The thought of equipment, such as pumps, is often left out. You think in solutions. You look for a partner who can translate your prduction concept into a concrete working system. A partner, who does not only design, but can also do installation and offers service. Someone who has the necessary expertise, insight in your processes and knowledge of production techniques. 


The Busch Engineers draw up detailed plans for vacuum systems and calculate capacity calculations. Furthermore they do calculations concerning pipe diameters, heat exchangers, material choices and condensers. Systems are designed and manufactured according to all relevant norms such as Stoomwezen, ASME, AD-märkblatter, CODAP 2000 etc. Also the systems are delivered according to PED and ATEX guidelines, if applicable. Because of this expertise, Busch can put optimal solutions together. Complete solutions. We have only one questions for you: what is your problem?


Experience the added value of out specialty in building systems first hand. Discuss the possible solutions for a custom-built system with Busch. We are ready.

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